IMS Diving uses hydraulic powered special purpose brushes to remove all types of marine growth and level of fouling to achieve a smooth hull surface. We offer the best service in Panama of hull cleaning, with a detailed report and images captured in the inspection and after the hull cleaning.

Sea Grass is a form of multi cellular green and brown algae. It forms most heavily near the water line, where adequate light and oxygen is available for photosynthesis. It is less evident as the depth increases, and the dominant color changes from green to brown.

Acorn barnacles have conical hard shells with jagged tops, they are not as dependent on light and oxygen as sea grass and algae and is very resistant towards both temperature water flow and needs to be removed mechanically, they have a tendency to stick to flat bottoms.


Our procedures for underwater service for hull cleaning are carefully mapped out first for efficient job results:

Once the client contacts IMS Diving via e-mail or telephone, one of our technician will contact the clients for any specifics for the hull clean.

Our Dive Master will then gather the right equipment and specialized team of divers and approach your anchored vessel at sea for pre-inspection through still photography and HD video of the hull, transom, waterline, running gear, and anodes.

A complete full hull cleaning by IMS Diving will include the vertical sides, flat bottom and removal of all marine growth, clearing of blocked water intakes, cleaning of sea chest gratings, cleaning of bilge keels above and below, cleaning of rudder, cleaning of bow thruster tunnel and polishing of bow thruster blades.

A thorough and complete 100 pages’ full report is sent electronically with all findings and images of pre inspection and post of the hull cleaning with the scope of the work accomplished.