IMS Diving Panama can quickly mobilize our Naval Engineer, Technicians and Dive Masters in our dive station for any emergency response, wreck removal, underwater and afloat services for a proactive commissioning.

Our fully equipped  supply  boat of  96 feet in length has an open back deck with a Knuckleboom Crane with loading  capacity  of 8 tonnages, a fire fighting nozzle of 1000 gpm, submersible bilge sumps pumps, pressure washers, oil booms, cleaning pads,  epoxy,  wooden plugs, sub aquatic welding and cutting equipment, portable generators, surface supplied diving equipment, air compressors, a tow handling of 10,000 pounds and other facilities for a fast and efficient response.

IMS Diving’s underwater work techniques used in Panama for salvages

  • Cutting and burning
  • Welding for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum
  • Lifting of anchor and equipment salvage

Side Scan & Search Unit

IMS Diving Panama uses a Side-Scan Sonar equipment also known as bottom classification sonar and Side Imaging Sonar as a method of mapping an underwater ecosystem by releasing a wide perpendicular pulse towards the seabed, the acoustic reflections of this pulse is then mapped to create an image of the search area.


IMS Diving Panama, using a side scan sonar equipment, can locate lost equipment covering a large search area on varying bottom compositions with minimal dive time. This makes the recovery quicker and more efficient resulting in less down time. In addition to appendage and equipment recovery we can also locate bottom obstructions, wreck sites, cable and pipeline crossings, pinpoint vessel grounding sites.